Bounded by wires?

I lost my phone today.

Well, almost. I had gone for grocery shopping on a relaxed Sunday morning. I come back home and look around for my mobile, humming some tune, to check Whatsapp messages. And my heart stops.

Where is my phone?? I look everywhere in the house. In the kitchen, on the bean bag, in the fridge(!), but it isn’t anywhere. I run to the grocery shop, shouting to the owner in urgency if he had seen a phone anywhere. ‘Ille, ille’, he says. My mind took no time in skipping the language boundary and realizing that I had lost my precious phone!

I come home, feeling dejected and sweaty. I hadn’t freaked out so much even during my board exams or my placement interviews. Shamelessly, I cry, what will I do without my phonnee? 😦

I sit down on my bed because of the trembling. And my hand suddenly falls on something under the bedsheet. What?! I pull aside the bedsheet and find my phone smirking at me, as if almost saying, ‘Gotcha!’ 😛  While spreading a clean bedsheet some time back, I wouldn’t have noticed the phone on bed. Phew!! So much happiness! Such a huge, wide smile 😀

And I suddenly realized. How attached am I to my phone that I had my heart in my hand? How attached am I to all my gadgets! Okay, look around yourself for a second. How many wires do you see? Wish I could hear your counts but I bet I am in the competition. 2 phone chargers, 2 laptop chargers, 1 USB cable, 1 kindle charger and 1 earphones! Hahh!


This brings us to a question: Are we bound by these wires? Have we become so attached to these screened devices that we can’t live without them, literally? Me: Guilty as charged!

We have made our whole life around these wires and gadgets. Binge watching TV series has become our version of entertainment. Reading books on Kindle is the new cool thing. Our parents may/may not know of our whereabouts and who we are with, but our Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook sure do!

Phones top the list of things we can’t leave the house without. Power banks have become yet another wired necessity, when you love your phone like I do. I remember my anxiety, while on a trip last month, when my phone warned ‘15% battery’ and I frantically searched for charging points everywhere.

I can’t deny how wonderfully helpful these devices are though. Phone and social media seems to be the only ways to stay connected to closed ones and friends. And how can one miss the uber-interesting plots and undeniable humor of those TV series.

But then there’s one more question that comes to my mind. Do we have anything else, apart from our phones, laptops and Kindles, that helps us relax and destress and be happy? Something that makes us feel that utter peace, that absolute solitude, that transfers us to our own bubble and absolutely nothing or no one can upset us?

I recently discovered how important this is. During every weekend, I shut down my laptop, tie up my shoe laces and go for a relaxing evening walk in the nearby garden. And at that time, I realize how absolutely amazing this experience is, so different from our world of gadgets. I breath in the cold, whipping air of freedom, as I walk around, and it feels as if it unwinds every bond. The chirping of birds, the squirrels, the nature, I take in everything as I sit on the bench. Ahh! So beautiful, so peaceful. 🙂


I feel the same effect while having a steaming cup of coffee in the morning, sitting in the balcony and reading newspaper. Or watching the moon from the window as it rises and shines above. Or writing a diary entry and emptying the mind’s feelings, like Dumbledore does in his pensieve.

What helps a person unwind and destress may be totally different than someone else’s. Ask yourself if you don’t already know it. Does cooking make you happy? Or playing a musical instrument and singing to the tune? Or is it painting? Probably reading? Trust me, when you find that one thing, it will become your thing, your key to relaxation, and you will realize that you don’t need a phone to cheer you up.

We are already enslaved by machines. Let’s teach ourselves to do something that would just involve us and what we love doing. Let not these wires bind you. Let’s live life a little, shall we?

Lots to say, laters! 🙂



One thought on “Bounded by wires?

  1. Bhasha Maru that is so true. I am glad you found your phone back. Bhash amazing description and nicely written. I can co-relate with everything here and can understand reason behind each and every line, that’s even better. Way to go girl.

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