16 days 0f 2016 : From the diary…

2k16 is over. I was sitting today with this year’s diary, flipping through pages, reading the entries. And I suddenly realized, so many awesome things have happened this year. These are 16 notable days of my year from the diary that new-girl would love to share! There are more days, but those are just between me and my journal. Welcome 2017, and 8th personal diary  🙂


Opening the gate to 2017 🙂

1. January 6 : 5:07 pm, Seat no. 3, A’bad-Rajkot bus

Today I felt the parting. And that it all ends now. I shifted from Ahmedabad today. Can hardly write right now. These stubborn tears just don’t listen to me. I can see the 4 years in front of me. Random visions. Happy memories. Sad times. Sigh! When I signed my internship agreement today, I should have felt extremely joyful. But I guess the sorrow of leaving this beautiful place is way more than anything else right now. You have given me a lot Ahmedabad, until next time!

2. January 17 : 10:45 pm, Terminal 1, Mumbai Domestic airport

Diaryy, it has begun! Left for Bangalore, the new life, the new city. It was so difficult to say bye to dada, dadi and Pranj. But I had to stay strong. My being emotional would double up their tension. Will get to stay with mum and papa until we reach there. We reached A’bad airport at the last minute. 55 kgs, the weighing machine at check-in counter displayed! That’s everything I own right now. It’s the first day of college…oops, office tomorrow. Feels so weird. I am so excited I can hardly wait now. An intern, and later an employee at Thorogood Associates. Let’s see what the new life has in store for me. There’s our call for the B’lore flight. See you, diary!

3. January 28 : 10:23 pm, PG room

Today is one of the most special days in my life. I GOT MY FIRST STIPEND!!! My first ever self-earned money! I feel so rich and happy and high on life :D. And I HAD to reward myself for this. So I went to ‘Forever 21’ and proudly picked up that gorgeous black sling bag I had been eyeing since I came here for the interview. I think I am going to hug the bag and sleep tonight.

4. February 6 : 6 pm , PG terrace

Diaryy! You just can’t believe what happened today. So I was out to get some food supplies and I was passing by this fancy salon BBLUNT, wondering when will I be able to afford a haircut here. And then out of the blue, a girl comes out from the salon and tells me, ‘Hi, I have a haircut test now and my model met with an accident. Can you please be my model? I will get you a haircut of your choice for free.’ And I was speechless. BBLUNT! Free haircut! What are the odds. And then for the next 2 hours, I was constantly smiling while I got a fancy haircut in the fancy dreamy salon 😀

5. March 24 : 3 pm , 201 unit, office

Yayyy! I got booked into a project. FINALLY! And one with a cool name and good team members. I was getting so bored today with so less people in office because of Holi holiday. And then my PM pinged me, ‘Bhasha, come in unit 201. You are starting on our project.’ And I just ran to the unit. It will be so much fun to work on a live project!

6. April 29 : 11 pm, PG room

Diarryyy! My birthday was soo amazing! It stated from yesterday night’s celebration at PG and then 4 cake cutting in office, so many gifts, messages and surprises. I felt so overwhelmed and lucky the entire day. ‘I don’t know about you, but I am feeling 22….!’

7. May 23 : 1 am, Ahmedabad, relatives’ place

Just got home. We had our farewell party today. Wasn’t our freshers just some time back? 4 years passed and we are already out of college. The party was so much fun but had a very emotional ending. Juniors played ‘Yaaron Dosti’ in the end and all of us were swaying to the song, singing it loudly. I could hardly control my tears. I know I will never meet more than half of the people here again. I just wanted the moment to stop forever. Chaiits and I are standing in the balcony now, reminiscing our 4 years. I will miss everything a lot.

8. June 8 : 10 pm, PG room

Office was super busy today. Had so many meetings and work. My calendar was almost full. It was so much fun to work with my team members and solving issues. I feel so nice that I am now able to give my opinions on any topic. My PM had given me complicated query to write and after a lot of trials, I could finally get the desired output, and she said ‘brilliant’ 🙂

9. June 30 : 11 pm, PG room

I have bags and clothes and stuff all around. I am packing everything and leaving the PG. Internship is over and my 1-month pre-employment break starts! I will miss office and this city but need to go back home now. See you, diarryy!

10. August 7 : 12 pm, NEW HOUSSEEE!

Diaryyy, we finaaalllyyy shifted to our new flat after a month of house hunting. And it is so beautiful. We will soon convert it into a home. I lovvee the balcony view. So happy and proud!

11. August 29 : 7 pm, flat room

Bake Sale daayy! Finally, the baking competition day at office arrived. We had baked the cookies and cake yesterday itself. The sale was expected to be very exciting. And it was much more. We had so much fun working with the team, dividing the work and collecting a lot of money for charity. Everyone relished our bread pizzas, jhalmuri, cookies, cake and mojito! Never knew I could be a chef 😛

12. September 12 : 10 pm, Delhi

Diaryyy! Guess who I am with? Chaiittss!! I have come to Delhi to meet her for her birthday. We roamed in the city the entire day and it was just like old times. Who says you lose your friends when you settle in different cities? I love you, best friend 🙂

13. October 21 : 11:58 pm, Ahmedabad

I am officially an engineer now! Got graduated today 🙂 It was such an amazing feeling to wear the robe and hold a degree in hand. Mom had come to attend the function and she looked so proud! Yay.

14. November 27 : 6 pm, garden behind our flat

I am sitting on a bench in the garden behind our flat. Have come here for weekend walking. I am loving this solitude. The fast walking, loud music and peace just makes for a perfect weekend! Feel like I can sit here forever. Just me and this solitude.

15. December 21 : 11 pm, flat room

Diarryyy! We decorated our drawing room wall with our photos and fairly lights around them. And it looks absolutely stunning 😀 So excited and happy. Since last 3 hours, I have gone to the drawing room atleast 10 times, switching on the fairy lights, gazing at it and then coming back to the bedroom. Dream come true!

16. December 31 : 11:58 pm, flat room

2016 is getting over, diary! In next 2 minutes. And it is perfect that I am entering the new year doing something I love the most: writing! This year has been so amazing. I can safely say it was the best year until now. I was/am a new-girl-in-the-city and the experience has been so good, losing myself in the places and faces of Bangalore. Even writing was so much better. I have realized that writing is so much alive, it has a soul which needs to be met and befriended. Working for myself and being so independent was one of the best feelings. May 2k17 be more exciting and perfect. Happy new year everyone 😀

More to say, laters!


3 thoughts on “16 days 0f 2016 : From the diary…

  1. Hi,
    Are you the best friend of Bhasha?
    Are you a pet adopted recently, as Bhasha has always dreamt about?
    Now I know why you have answers to all the queries regarding Bhasha’s life.
    …. I am talking to you, Diaryy !!
    😜 😂 😂

    Again enjoyed reading your last years twists and turns.
    Also happy to note how nicely you have settled down.
    Proud of you, Gitta @ banguluru ( and Babitta @ DAIICT )
    MAHRI CHORIO CHORO se kam nahi he.

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