The Secret Santa

As the chilly December began, once in coffee break, my seniors told me that Christmas in office is an exciting affair every year as Thorogood celebrates it in form of Secret Santa game. ‘Interesting’, I wondered loudly. ‘So everyone picks up a chit and gives gifts to each other? That should be fun and simple!’ They laughed. That’s not all, they said. You will see, they said.

A few days go by and I understand exactly what they meant. A week before the celebration, when we all had picked up our ‘child’ from the chit bowl and started keeping an eye for our ‘Santa’, the real fun began! Our Secret Santa game apparently wasn’t just giving gifts. It was about earning it. The Santas could send tasks to their child, if they felt like, by mail via the organizers.


TG Christmas 🙂

And the tasks started flowing in, each meaner and funnier than the other. Tasks like dancing on embarrassing songs like PPAP and Ganganam style in all units, watering all plants in office, recording dubsmash and sending it to everyone, doing pushups, lunges and frog jumps at your place, making ‘fair and lovely’ ads and all other kinds of super funny tasks unimaginable.

There would be one ting of a new mail and everyone’s heart beats would fasten with the thought, ‘Will it be a task for me now?!’. But doing embarrassing tasks and getting laughed upon had some brownie points. Your Santa might get impressed by your spirit and leave a surprise gift on your desk! On ignoring the task, you might receive a message, ‘Your Santa is disappointed with you, child.’

Just a few hours had gone by since the tasks had started and my heart almost stopped, seeing a mail for me. Oh God, I hope my Santa isn’t very mean. I open it and read the mail,

“Ho Ho Ho Bhasha, 

Here is your first task out of the many yet to come..

Go to the security guard and say your name.. He will give you a mask.. Wear that the whole day! 😛 oh and yes the whole day.. I will be watching, so don’t try to cheat 😛

Hope you are excited to please your santa!.. Can’t wait to see you doing this! 😛

–Your Santa”

I groan. First out of many yet to come?! My Santa seems to be really evil and difficult to please. I go to the security guard and am greeted by his sympathetic smile. Oh no, what is it? And he gives me a purple Donald Duck type mask. Oh my God, am I supposed to wear this the whole day? That would be the most embarrassing task I have ever done.


Poor me 😦 Don’t laugh!

Hoping that my Santa is seeing me being an obedient child, I put on the stupid mask, getting smirks and laughter from people I hadn’t even talked to before. ‘I will kill my Santa when I come to know about him/her’, I swore. My project team seemed to be laughing silently, as if they could hardly keep a secret. They all knew who my Santa was. ‘Hmm, so it’s one of you’, I thought and quickly made a mental list of people-who-could-be-my-santa. I better get a good gift for this, I told loudly.

I kept a close eye on the 4-5 guys from my doubt list and their every move would make me change their ranks 😛 It was a very happening week, full of evil tasks and so much fun! Best part was to tease someone whose Santa I knew.For the celebration day on 15th, we were divided in teams and we had to dress up as themes given to us. There were themes like Hippies, Halloween, Back to school, Party in Vegas, Slumber party and Arabian nights.

Till the night previous to the celebration, we had no clue what we were going to dress up as for the theme. At 11 pm, the roommates’ official dress rehearsal commenced. After trying out so many dress options and mix and match of each other’s clothes, we decided on something finally. I was to dress up as Catwoman for the Halloween theme, with black clothes, dark eye makeup, whiskers drawn with liner on the face and cat ears head band. We slept at 1:30, so excited for the final celebration. We would finally get to know our Santas, get and give gifts, play games and eat a lot of food!


The vampire, Catwoman and hippie

On the day, everyone had made a visible effort in dressing up for their respective themes. The sheiks and belly dancers of ‘Arabian nights’, the innocents school kids of ‘Back to School’, the scarily dressed ‘Halloween’ teams, the chilled out ‘Slumber Party; people, the suit and dresses clad ‘Party in Vegas’ teams, everyone looked all ready for the day! The teams ran in the entire office to solve all treasure hunt clues, shoot Mannequin challenge videos, play so many games and take a lot of selfies and photos.

The best part of the day was in the evening when we were to go pick up our gifts kept by our Santa near the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Everyone squealed like kids, excited to get their gifts and know their Santa finally. My Santa happened to be one of my team member and close friend and I was so surprised. ‘I am going to take revenge for that stupid mask task’, I warned him laughingly. You could hear cries like ‘Oh you were my Santa?!’ and ‘I am not going to leave you for giving me such an embarrassing task!’ and ‘Thank youu for the gift Santaaa!’. In that crowd of excited and surprised people, there was so much happiness and merriment! 🙂


The Secret Santa tree 🙂

I felt ‘Friday Blues’ for the first time today when I saw people dressed ordinarily in the office, all quiet and doing their work. No more secret santa tasks and anxiety for the gifts   :(. I will miss the whole experience a lot! I am anyway going to write a Christmas article for the office newsletter, but this had to be all about my experience rather than the company’s. After all, the-girl-in-new-city enjoys every experience of hers to the core.

Merry Christmas in advance everyone! Wait for your Secret Santa guys, he may come anytime 😉

More to say, laters 🙂


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