New Girl In The City – Part 3

Like 1000 other people, I came to this city with some dreams. Dreams of standing on my own feet, of being happy, of achieving something. Within some months of coming here, I have developed an unexplained love towards this city. What could be its reason? My exciting job? My cute, little flat? The amazing weather? New girl in the city has experienced so many changes since she came that she can smell, taste and feel independence now. If this is what growing up is, I absolutely love it! 🙂

Bangalore is beautiful as ever. The culture, the languages, the people, the food, all of which seemed so much different some time back seems familiar now. Or is it me who is merging in now, the new girl? Kannada ad boards no more scare me (Oh yes, they used to!). Zoning out of other-language-conversations takes just a second now, without taking it personally. They realize it immediately with a quick ‘So sorry Bhasha!’. But that’s fine. People come from different places. Their languages are different. Understandable. I never cared much about someone in the group not knowing Gujarati while in college. Get your mistake now?

But good thing is I have picked quite a lot of Tamil and Telugu words from my team and flat mates. Someone would be having serious Tamil conversation while I will brighten up suddenly. ‘Oh I know what enna acchi means!! Have done my revision yesterday.’ People would be totally judging me after this. 😛


After we finally got our own house, it actually feels like a new girl in the city. The happiness of getting a flat had no limits but the real enjoyment was in making that house of 4 walls a home. We converted the TV wall into our small library, putting up all the books and comics. Our weekends got booked in shopping for the house. We shopped for mattresses and got decent washing machine and refrigerator and set up the kitchen. One crazy shopping day to DMart got a lot of things sorted but also left us knowing a lot we didn’t know. ‘Floor cleaners are so expensive? I never knew! And cereals and grains too!’, I exclaimed. I called papa that night, telling him how much proud I was of him, running the house entirely!

As much as it was a painful realization, the entire journey of setting up the house was beautiful! Waking up to sun rays lightly falling on eyes, streaming through the pretty curtains we got, and then on opening the curtains, seeing tall coconut trees and a beautiful, sunny day…everything brings a smile on my face every morning. ‘Have I got all of this, really?’, I ask myself. My roommate pretty much considers me crazy by now, seeing me smiling widely every morning all by myself. And then on weekends, my newspaper-coffee sessions in the balcony lasts for hours. So peaceful, so my type of life!


The surprising thing is that I no more need a mom’s warning call to clean the house. When you make your own home, it just comes from inside to be a ‘Monica’! Mom, I know I am the awesome daughter. 😛

Work is so much more fun, now that I am an employee :). Still feels so lucky, telling myself that. One thing that I have learnt the most here is team work. Since morning, it’s my laptop and my team that pretty much comprises the day. We work together, solve issues together, cry out ‘How did that procedure fail?’ and celebrate successes together. Coffee breaks are the times I miss badly in weekends. Our long discussions on elections and politics and ‘Where are we going to be in 5 years?’ and ‘What are the plans for weekend?’ take me out of every exhaustion. It’s amazing to love work! And on top of that, when I also get to be where I love the most, the Editorial Board!! 🙂

And salaryyy!! I think it’s the best thing that has happened so far. 😛 So the sticky note on my cupboard is titled ‘Things I want to shop for myself’. And according to the priority set, one-two things are supposed to be shopped in a month. That’s my concept of ‘planned shopping’. So cool, right?

So we walk back from office, with a spent mind and hungry stomach. ‘I am starving mom’, I almost shout every day. And then my mind echoes back, ‘Get up new girl. You have to cook for yourself, remember?’. Oh yeah, I groan. And so we begin. The speaker volume goes high and the kitchen-singing starts, some water goes in the aata, some vegetables, oil and masalas in the pan and in no time (okay I am exaggerating!), delicious dinner gets ready. And that simple roti sabji gives so much satisfaction, so much happiness that every bit of tiredness vanishes! Sometimes we mess it up. Rice gets stuck or the rotis come out not-so-soft or daal stays half-cooked, but the girl who previously used to be like, ‘Mom, exactly how much salt? Mom what next? Mom exactly how much time to boil?’ learns things by herself now. My family is happier for the fact that I started cooking than for the fact that I started earning! 😛


Having recently come from home, I brought back with me an empty shoe box full of college memories: cards, class conversations scribbled on papers, photos; most transporting me back to happy times, some to not-so-good times. But all those are just objects in the box. All what I am having now is in this blog. I can read it later and say, ‘Oh so this is how I became what I am now!’. And I am so thankful to you guys for reading it all and bearing with me.;)

Thank you for making this journey for the new girl in the city so exciting, from the beginning. Lots to say, laters 🙂



3 thoughts on “New Girl In The City – Part 3

  1. New girl in the city it seems has started settling down…
    Liked the way you are enjoying your struggle in an unknown city, encouraging others staying away from their house… FLYING at a different city leaving their houses empty, so called EMPTY NEST SYNDROME.
    Also would not remain hungry when visiting you, looking at the way u have started cooking. Half cooked daal and burnt Rotis would still taste delicious.
    Keep on enjoying the life… And writing, of course.

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