House Hunting Veterans!

‘I am all grown up now and am still staying in a PG?’, passed a thought across my mind one day. ‘It’s time to get a flat and live an independent life’. So 3 of us from the PG (and office), just waiting to get free from the miserable life of uneatable dinners and tiny rooms, decide to start house hunting. Before our mission began, we were of the notion that house hunting is the coolest thing ever, where we look for dreamy places, just like in movies. Bangalore is a mammoth city. We would find houses in every street we look for, won’t we?

But could we be any more wrong? House hunting is so much more than just looking for great flats, liking one and moving in. After a month and more of serious hunt (which turned desperate in the end), we are so much experienced in this matter that I can totally write a book on it. For now, will do with the eventful/funny/frustrating/learning description in this blog post!

So we made a long list of requirements we want in our future flat. 2 BHK, very near to metro line/office, semi-furnished, gated society, good-sized wardrobes, affordable deposit amount and monthly rent, etc. Little did we know that it is near to impossible to get all what you want in one flat. You either have to compromise on something or the other to get a place or you have to be very lucky.


We began our search by filtering the houses listed in numerous websites and calling the owners/brokers if we could come and see the flats. We would call those listed numbers in office lunch breaks pretty much every day. It was like a recorded tape that spoke from inside as if out of habit, ‘Hi, we are 3 single girls looking for a 2BHK, preferably near the metro line….’ Our inboxes and call logs were filled with only those numbers. Answer to ‘Hey? What’s up?’ had changed to ‘Nothing much. Just house hunting.’ I could almost imagine people around shouting, ‘Guys, get a life!’ 😀

Our weekend and after-office plans were fixed: grab a backpack and sunglasses and set out to look for flats. So we were these 3 determined women, with Google Maps (we bow to you!) open on phones, all set to search for the one. There were incidents when we had almost decided on a house, but it was taken before we could say yes. And this led to the three of us sitting all gloomy in an ice cream parlor, as if heart-broken by the same guy! 😀

And then just a day before we were going to be totally homeless ( 😛 ), an owner, who happened to be Muslim, called us to say that he was ready to reconsider the rent of a flat we had really liked. And you know the reason he called us back? He thought my name was ‘Basha’, a muslim name, and for brotherhood’s sake, he decided to help us. Haha, one time that I like my name! And we got that place finaallyyy!! We had a house! A beautiful house where we could totally see ourselves spending amazing future years! We just couldn’t believe it. The day we gave the deposit was probably my happiest day in the last few months. Never felt so happy to give up a huge sum of money! 😛


The experienced say that living independently in your own place teaches you a lot. I think that the process of looking for a place, battling through sun/rains, itself leaves you knowing so much more than before! We now know how to handle manipulative brokers, answering owners’ awkward questions (To their questions, ‘Do you have male friends?’, I just wanted to answer, ‘All we care about right now, are houses!’) and bargaining on the rent and deposit. But more than everything, we learnt how to find a way out in spite of the difference of opinions among us.

New-girl-in-the-city has an even more exciting life ahead. How awesome it would be to buy things for the house, decorate it gradually and turn it into a home! How amazing it will be to cook my own dinners and pay my own bills, plan the month and be a responsible, independent woman! Life’s great! 🙂

Lots to say, laters!


4 thoughts on “House Hunting Veterans!

  1. That was pretty amazing Ms.Almost Broker. Bha I genuinely appreciate the changes in fonts like ” VERY ” it was pretty emphasizing. It truly showed your feelings. Amazing write up girl.

  2. Hi Basha,
    Again enjoyed reading your endurance on house hunting….it was as if I was there with you in the house hunting journey. Inshallah you would settle down fast in your (hardly earned) house.
    Salam valekum,

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