Up the sky !

‘Boarding pass please. Umm ma’am? ‘And I snap out of my thoughts. ‘Oh, here ‘, I manage to say, clearly shameful. The flight attendant gives me that’s-okay smile and I get in the plane. Oh gosh, this habit of mine! While I was at home this entire month, I got no inspiration to write a blog post, even though I was forcing myself to write one. And as soon as I stepped out of the house today, alone and on my own, my mind started popping up ideas, observing around and picking up things, churning the recipe for a new post.

So after a month of uber-peaceful and much needed vacation, the new-girl-in-the-city is going back to Bangalore. I stopped being the new girl long time back, but I love this pseudonym for me! Gives the feeling that there’s still lot to discover and experience. So today I am back to this beautiful city with the amazing weather. Back to the usual life of work, responsibilities and independence, but this time as an employee, not as an intern!! Ignoring the panicking thought that house hunting awaits there, I am too much excited to begin the new life.


So I am at the airport, waiting for the plane to whisk me away to Bangalore. Airports are the most interesting places to note and observe a lot of things. Although air travel is becoming affordable for most of the classes, there’s still something so posh and classy about flying that makes you feel proud and rich! It’s fun to watch the people around. There a few people who are so anxious and have no idea where to go next. And then there are few who have the air of being the-king-of-the-world around them.

So check-in today was expected to be a bit problematic. No matter what, the struggle to have the luggage within weight limit is always real. Thanks to my sweetest mom, who like all Gujju moms, expresses her love by packing me a lot of Theplas and sweets! 😀

‘Your baggage is exceeding the limit ma’am’, the person at the check-in counter tells me. And I make a pleading face and am like, ‘ I am shifting, you know, can you please allow the extra 2.5 kgs?’ What’s the harm in trying, I say to myself. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t buy it, but making a face, he did. Patting myself on the back, I proceed towards the security check. I would have gone all freaked out if this would have happened to me a few years back.

And then the air travel is the most magical part of all! Bless web check-in for getting travelers like me the most favorite thing in the world, a window seat! I guess even the most frequent of the flyers would be feeling a jolt of excitement in stomach at the time of take-off. From then, the entire journey over the beautiful cottony clouds always leaves me just awestruck. Today, due to the monsoons, the plane was passing through promising black clouds, bumping roughly and leaving us all with pain in the ears. Today’s rainy weather had compelled me to listen to the song ‘Madno’ in loop, with me imagining myself on stage, singing the female part, and the audience waving their hands. Trust my mind to imagine all sorts of funny fantasies when left alone in front of a window seat!

So right now, I am sipping a Starbucks cold coffee on Mumbai international airport and writing this blog post, waiting for my connecting flight. I remember, a few years back, while travelling with parents, I used to give coveted glances to people holding coffee cups in their hands, and travelling alone! I used to promise myself, just a few years more. And here I am, travelling alone, sipping coffee (that burnt a hole in my pocket :P), and being all grown up.


Please ignore if this blog post has grammar mistakes, lack of editing or hastily written sentences. The air hostess is giving me stern looks and I really have to keep away my laptop. Can’t wait to get down from the flight and breathe in that cold, much-missed Bangalore air.

Lots to write, Laters ! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Up the sky !

  1. Awsum experience and you wrote the feeling of every person when they move away from their home..
    By reading this blog a beautiful smile comes on the face..lovely.. written..

  2. Well written! Explains the feelings of all the travellers whether they r travelling for the first time or if it’s their routine! I remembered my first flight experience! All the best for ur job! ☺

  3. Its an amazing piece of write up Ms. Maru. Its something everybody can co-relate to. There will so many people living and experiencing your life along with you here. Keep spreading happiness. Be happy.

  4. Hi, new-girl-in-the-city,
    After reading your hastily written air travel blog, envied about your packets of theplas, sweets… And especially of Starbucks Coffee cup having a personal name written over it.
    Wish you a happy stay at the now familiar city…

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