Letter to 16-year-old self

Dear 16-year-old-me,

How are you doing? Look at you, all shy and silent! 6 years down the lane, I am here in my happy place, having learnt a lot. I wish I could have told you these things before, but better late than never, I guess!

The next 6 years will be the best years of your life till now. The time when you will grow into an independent young lady from a shy teenage girl. Right now, you are in a protected cocoon, a safe place where no one and nothing can hurt you. You have no idea how the world actually is. But don’t you worry. Time will be your teacher. At each and every moment, you will learn so much. A warning: The learning will be followed after a smorgasbord of experiences. Experiences that might not be pleasant all the time. But one day, you will look back and then realise you have gathered so much out of them, knowingly or unknowingly.

The next two years will be extremely tough and hectic. 12th boards will sap the energy out of you. You will have so many difficult subjects and so many classes to attend. At the same time, you will have to fight acne and skin problems that will make you hate your face at times. But stay put. Do not let those teenage feelings and distractions get to you. Keep up your focus. In the end it will be all worth, when you will see yourself getting admitted into a great engineering college of your choice.


College will bring those changes into you that make you the person you will absolutely love. Shifting to a different city and staying away from home will be such a wonderful experience. You will get a cosy house which will be your home for 4 years.  You will feel homesick at times. But you will have the most amazing roommate and best friend ever, who will make your college life beautiful.

You will get a few cultural shocks in college in the beginning. Be ready for those. There will be a lot of times when things won’t go the way you want them to go. There will be a lot of incidents when people will hurt you. I won’t tell you to not cry in those times. Because only when you will feel the pain and wipe the tears away will you come out as a bolder, stronger person. Flowers grow back even when stepped on. So will you. But you know what? Do not judge anyone based on that one time. Understand that everyone has his/her reasons to do something. Try to believe that everyone is good in the end. That way you will feel positive about people around. 🙂

Okay enough of philosophy. Your college life will be great overall. Don’t worry about studies much. Just pay attention in class and you will do great in exams. Take part in all the cultural events. Follow your passion. Write more and read a lot. But most importantly, make friends that you will want to keep for lifetime. They will have your back all the time and help you create memories that will leave an indelible mark in your heart.

Have a lot of fun. But take care of your morals and values. Listen to your parents and be a good daughter. Regarding career choices, you will have a few that will make you really confused. You will go through a lot of dilemma before coming to the right choice. And when you will, you will love it a lot.

Dear 16-year-old me, I just want to tell you that you have wonderful years ahead. Sorry to break the suspense but you will grow into a lady who earns now and lives a beautiful, independent life. She has graduated, become an engineer and works at a place she loves. She attends company meetings and talks to clients. But she still loves ‘High School Musical’ movies, worships Harry Potter, wishes to dance whenever it rains and shouts ‘I am sooo blogging about this’ on every other thing. But you know what? You will like that person a lot better.

You are the most beautiful girl with the sweetest smile and I love you even with all those perfect imperfections. Bring your innocence with you, but leave the timid part behind. You will no longer need it. Be good and have fun. See you on the other side soon 🙂




23 thoughts on “Letter to 16-year-old self

  1. Nice Blog!
    “Do not judge anyone based on that one time. Understand that everyone has his/her reasons to do something. “- very true! This advice is helpful for 22 year old me also!

  2. Hello Bhasha, just completed reading your 1000 th blog… And awaiting your 6th book on ‘ Life and it’s intricacies!’… Last two nominated for booker prize. We all know that you are a celebrity by now but all of us readers are following you since you had a small 2 year blogspot kid.

    …. Confused?
    Actually I am writing to your 30 year old self.
    Nicely written blog with a twist and flashback story like movies.
    Continue blogging…

  3. If only time travel was possible, you could have given the letter you wrote for my 16-year-old self to yourself when you were 16. Check out the one I have written to myself too dude

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