My baby turns 2 !

If the post title left your mouth hanging open then let me tell you that the baby that I am referring to here is my blog. The blog that has been so much close to me. Here is a post about my journey of discovering writing to finishing 2 years of blogging! This has been, hands down, the best thing that has ever happened to me till now.

Writing knocked my door in a very needy time then. I distinctly remember my 10th board results being 28 days away and trust me, my fears were real. Naturally my mom had reached her threshold by then, so I could no more go to her with my mom-i-am-so-scared story. So I picked up a diary and started writing all what I felt, every night. And it was magical, like finding a hidden treasure! I had never felt so much light and happy before. The results fear was completely uncalled for, which is a different story, but I discovered writing then, and then there has been no stopping, literally!

I became very sure of my passion in college when writing articles for magazines, editing others’ write-ups and becoming the editor-in-chief for clubs brought me happiness like nothing else would. I started blogging as yet another reason to continue writing. And today after two years, I feel that I have finally created something that I am really proud of. I may sound like some crazy narcissist but this happens when you create something from scratch, something that makes you so happy.

2 years

My blog is literally my baby, I love it that much. It has grown up with me, travelled with me to different places, seen different people and has matured with me. I have talked about it in all my placement interviews and introductions. All my closed ones would know that I start talking about my blog at least once a day (I pity them a lot sometimes). I plan about my posts all the time. My cupboards get filled with sticky notes having ideas and points for my next blog post. And during those days when it rains or when I have an unique or overwhelming experience, all I would think will be lines to put up in my blog. I wouldn’t sleep without posting about it, no matter how tired I would be or how important an exam there would be next day.

But why am I telling you all this? There’s a reason to it. Do you know who/what brings life to my blog? You. Without the readers and the supporters, my blog would be nothing. The first thing I do every morning, even before I open my eyes, is check my blog stats. Seeing the graph of views and visitors of different countries take a height gives me so much joy that my mind does a little dance. It gives me inspiration when those regular readers ask me, ‘When are you posting something again?’And trust me when I say I blush a lot when people tell me, ‘I read your blog yesterday, and it was great!’  My posts may not be excellent in terms of language or content but the satisfaction that I get at the end of the day is what makes it worth everything.

A big thank you and hugs to all those people who read my posts and appreciate all what I write. You are my rhyme and reason to write, a reason to follow my passion and stay happy! Also, thank you to the authors who have trusted me and sent me books for review. Hopefully I would be writing these lines in an acknowledgment page of a novel one day, but for these 2 years of my blog, I am equally happy today!  My baby has turned 2 and has many to go.

More to say, laters ! 🙂


11 thoughts on “My baby turns 2 !

  1. Ms. Maru I thought I was the only child of yours till now. I am jealous. On a serious note its lucid and amazing. I read your blog today and it is great! Now you can blush.

  2. This time yr blog comes with a shocking title… And a suspense where finally all of us, readers turn out to be heroes. Being a child specialist would suggest your baby to vaccinate properly with your imaginations and feed adequately with your hard work. Hope to continue your baby’s consulting child specialist till it grows on… and on.

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