New Girl’s Birthday in the City

I woke up today with the widest smile ever. My night had been replete with happiest memoirs of yesterday; the first birthday in this new city, the new corporate life. Not wanting to get out of the bed on a lazy Saturday morning, I log in into Facebook.

And as if catching my thoughts, Facebook asks me ‘Hi Bhasha, we hope you had a great birthday! Want to thank your friends for the birthday wishes?’ And I count on my fingers, so one post for the 104 people who wished me on my Facebook wall, one more for the amazing people at the office and PG for being a part of my first birthday here, one post for those irreplaceable college friends who, in spite of being so far, filled my birthday with surprises and wishes and one post for the relatives and school friends for their blessings and greetings throughout the day! Instead, why not I dedicate this blog post to all these people, who directly or indirectly made 29th April one of my unexpected best birthdays ever!

So for my first birthday away from college, I wasn’t expecting anything. I had expected it to be a normal, work day. But the huge parcels arriving at PG a couple of days before left me excited and feeling loved. Some close people just never forget to make you happy, whether they are around you or not. And after those expected gifts were opened and hugged (:P) a million times, I thought the birthday fun was over. But I didn’t know the crazier day was yet to come.

It started with the previous night when I was casually sleeping on my bed, trying to ignore the minute hand creeping forward to begin the D day. Stop getting anxious, it’s going to be just another normal Friday, I scolded myself. But little did I know that I was wrong. My awesome PG friends and room-mate came with candles on delicious cake (2 actually) and I was so surprised! Yay. It’s my birthday. My smile couldn’t be wiped even for a second as I was so happy. As I cut the cakes, I felt like singing the Taylor Swift song loudly, “I don’t know about you, but I am feeling 22…” The night was super crazy. We forcefully slept at 2 after some pillow fights, the mandatory girls’ talks and me taking a lot of calls and replying to everyone’s messages.


Despite the lack of sleep and restless exciting dreams, I woke up feeling fresh and ready to step an age above. I again thought, I am going to work now. What could possibly happen there? But why was I so wrong throughout the day? I got ready with some extra care and left for office. God, I could not concentrate on work. It is so difficult to write a logical SQL code or be on calls discussing important project updates when your mind is somewhere else, as much as you scold it to get back!

And to make it worse, when I was finally working while listening to music to keep me out of thoughts, a beautiful cake arrived for me from my amazing college girlfriends that left me so surprised and overwhelmed. After I had shared it with my intern batch friends in the coffee break, I came down, determined to complete my work sincerely. But there was one more surprise waiting, a college friend had come all the way from his office to wish me and I was so so amazed at how much people can do for you to make you feel special!

After the break, I had no idea on what was being planned in the 202 pantry as I worked with my earphones plugged in. Someone called me and I turned around and this turned out to be the most overwhelming surprise of the day as my sweetest project team had got a cake and had called the Jan interns batch to celebrate my birthday.

The day was growing crazier with each passing hour. So many surprises, so many wishes! Also, as it was the end of the month, there was cake-cutting for the April-born members. Haha, 5th cake of the day! Also, office gifted a gift coupon which I am super excited about. As the icing on the cake, it was the stipend day! Could my birthday have gone any better? Quickly finishing my work by 6:30, I left for dinner party with my batch friends. We laughed and shouted and brought the place down as we gorged on Chinese food and had so much fun.

After dinner, I came home and flopped down on bed straight-away. It had been a crazy crazy day. Full of surprises, greetings, personalized wishes full of love in whatsapp and mails, beautiful hand-picked gifts, cakes and food and gestures filled with happiness. I thank each one of you who made my day so so special  🙂 ! Bangalore gave this new girl in the city an amazing 22nd birthday. Yayiee!


6 thoughts on “New Girl’s Birthday in the City

  1. Nicely written Bhasha! Sorry I read it this late! What a memorable 22nd b’day!
    Hope you have even happier b’days (in hundreds) in the future!

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