WonderLa Travelogue

I have a sore throat right now because of all the screaming and I am feeling dead tired. But can an exciting trip be complete without a descriptive travelogue? And especially when the trip is to a famous amusement park and also my first time to such a place, it has to go into my blog.


No one in my family is a fan of adventurous activities like thrill rides, so the most dangerous ride in my dictionary had been a small roller coaster (without any turns, of course :P). Hence when anyone used to talk about going to such rides, I would just say, I am not interested, I can’t handle so much adventure. When I left from home today early morning for WonderLa, Bangalore, one of India’s famous amusement parks, I knew that by the end of today, I would come home with a changed mind. And that happened. Adventure rides have a different meaning for me right now. Fear has a new limit for me.

10 of us, college friends united in Bangalore for internships, reached the park at exactly 11 am just when it was opening. We went in to a huge welcoming WonderLa monkey. To plan our day so as to cover most of the famous rides, we spread out the map and ticked out the rides to visit. And to my dismay, my adventure-loving friends had picked out from all the ‘High-Thrill Rides’ section. Oh God, am I actually going to do it, I thought.

We stood in the line for the first ride, ‘WonderLa Bambo’. And the worst part about such rides is the fear that gets into you while you see it going round and round and the shock-struck faces of those sitting in it while standing in the queue. I just encouraged myself to at least try a ride and then see what to do.

Just when it was our turn to go sit there and get all buckled up, my mind filled with all the fearful thoughts. What if I get sick in the ride? What if my strap breaks off? What if while half-way through the ride I would need to get down and the operator would not stop? I was passing through the silly mind-warning time that happens when you are on the verge of conquering one of your biggest fears. But then my friends shouted at me,”Bhasha just sit, Dar ke age jeet hai!” and I suddenly felt positive. Let’s do it, I thought. And I did it. It was so scary but something very different, something I had not tried any time before. I came out of the ride all laughing and excited.


And then the entire day was so much fun. We went to the most thrilling water rides, tall giant wheels with beautiful view, drop-down thrill rides, ones which flip 360 degrees and treat you like a toy..I tried all of them. And I feel great now. For screaming on top of my voice, for closing my eyes tightly for a few seconds and then bravely opening and taking in the view around, for not backing away from the queue scenes and for trying out my fear limits and crossing it bravely. Feeling proud of myself 🙂

So we came back in the park bus at 7 pm, harassing the passengers by singing ‘Washing powder Nirma’ song on top of our voice! It was one of those days in my life when I conquered my fears! And trust me, it feels like you are on the top of the world. I hope I don’t wake up in the night, dreaming about some ride and screaming my head out! Night night!


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