New Girl In The City – Part 2

The sticky notes on my cupboard titled ‘Things to write in blog post’ are overflowing with a lot of observations and incidents about this new life, city and the changes. So after a month, here is the continuation to my previous post.

I started my earlier post by talking about transitions that has come my in life because of the campus to corporate shift. Exactly one month before now when I wrote about being in Bangalore, I felt new here and still in the process of adjusting to the city’s pace. To be honest, the first few days were a disappointment because of the different state and different people. But I have a completely changed opinion about this place today. Bangalore has this fresh air which magically embraces everyone who comes here.

Since the day I arrived here, I was determined to learn Kannada so that I could mingle with the people here or at least use it on the rikshawallas so as to not get cheated on. But I never realized that learning a new language would be so very difficult. I am happy with the few words that I have picked up here and there for now (and already forgotten!).

And then there is this amazing realization. When you earn, you exactly know how valuable each and every thing around you is. I never knew that even normal fruits, groceries or other daily used articles are so costly. I have finally convinced myself to wash hair after every 3 days and not before that.  I had been trying this since college years, funny I had to realize it this way (Shampoos are so costly, I did not know that before haha!).

But there is also a great side to this, you start loving each and every thing that you buy. May it be the sling bag that I got from my first stipend or a small plastic bowl; it’s all so special because it’s from hard-earned money. We all wait for the next month stipend right from the present month’s D-day and plan what to get for ourselves and for others. I also have made this countdown for the stipend day and stuck it on my cupboard!!

Work is so much fun. It’s all challenging and exciting. I do not even realize how quickly the entire day passes being among interesting people, working hard to meet up mentor’s expectations, thinking about business user’s needs, eating the large spread of lunch, getting lost in those SQL codes while listening to music, meeting the group at exact 4 pm to have an elaborate coffee break (in my own coffee mug), working some more and then finally shutting down the laptop and running to catch the metro. The routine is so addicting. But it’s also true that you realize the real meaning of TGIF when you enter the corporate world.

Hard work leads to crazy weekends. Shopping doesn’t make me guilty any more. It just gives an inspiration to work more from Monday. The city has so much to explore. Street festivals and food fiestas happen every other weekend and the entire Bangalore gets gathered there. This city has so much greenery that it looks like a hill station in the evening. Visiting crazily loaded second hand book stores, coffee places, pet shows, beautiful churches , traditional temples, green mountains, inviting emporiums, buzzing shopping streets, eating the traditional Biryani with hand from the banana leaf and so much more has made me fall in love with this city.

The funniest thing here is being called a ‘Dry State Girl’! It seems people know Gujarat only for 1) Our PM Modi 2) It being a dry state and 3) Fafda, Dhokla and Thepla.  But how do I describe to them that my home state is so much more than just these things. I miss Gujarat a lot. Gujarat’s, and specially Ahmedabad’s cleanliness, street food and city structure just cannot be compared to Bangalore any day. I have already made a list of street food to gorge upon when I next visit Ahmedabad.

So yes, this girl in the city isn’t technically new here any more, but this city is so unique that she feels something new here every single day. Is that too weird to be taken in? More to say, laters!


7 thoughts on “New Girl In The City – Part 2

  1. Wohoo! Bhasha …all your blogs are superb…,simple in language but highly fascinating!!

    I have never been to Bangalore but your blogs regarding your experiences in the city is mAking my lust more nd mor to visit the city !!

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