Inspiration is within !


Most of us have that one person or thing that gives us inspiration. Those idols of ours help us chalk out the zenith of our life and the way we want to achieve our goal. If you are a passionate writer, you may be impressed by a specific author and may be drawing inspiration from him/her to write. A cricket enthusiast may worship a famous cricketer who must be an idol for him. Many of us have our parents or our teachers as heroes; we constantly draw inspiration from them and glom onto them for encouragement. A book or a painting or a song or a movie may also be an inspiration for some of us.

What actually is inspiration? And does getting inspired only mean that we follow some person or a thing in our life? Inspiration, to define, comes from the Latin word “inspirare”, which means “in spirit” or a divine guidance.  This means that to be inspired, we should be tuned to our spirit. Doesn’t it mean that true inspiration is the one that comes from within?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.”

                                  -George Bernard Shaw

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We may have heroes in our life but that real inspiration comes from within us, from our soul. We just have to listen to it and act accordingly. If we have a positive attitude, good things will happen. While trying to complete the exam paper in those last 2 minutes, while trying to reach the endpoint in a running race, while trying to come out of your tough problem, don’t you inspire yourself to just go on till the end and not give up? During tough times, when you feel that there is nobody around to help you out, your heart gives a fillip, proving to be a ‘manna from heaven’ and leading you through the end.

Life is all about creating oneself, of constantly inspiring oneself and moving ahead. Inspire yourself to do better than the last time in your work, talk to yourself through your heart and do not give up in any situation or task. Keep your eyes open and explore what your heart wants, and then follow it. Inspiration is what your soul tells you, so it is usually whatever you feel the best.

Getting inspiration from your idols may sometimes be different from the true inspiration that emanates from your heart. That kind of inspiration may take a form of motivation, which means telling your heart to do what is ‘supposed’ to be the right thing. It may mean pushing yourself to do something you don’t really care about. But inspiration is that burning passion emanating from the core of your heart. It is the energy within you to do the best. Once you start picking up the frequency of self-inspiration, you stop being jealous by comparing your achievements with those of your classmate’s or colleague’s; you start competing with your own self and then the world’s achievements seem petty. You can feel it in your bones. Once you learn to listen to it, life seems effortless and you no longer feel a hypocrite.

You may not know it but while tackling your problems or living your life bravely, many people might be constantly getting motivated by you. To create oneself, one needs people around who help one to create. Be around your family, friends and well wishers who would help you getting inspired and tuned to your soul.

So next time you find yourself unmotivated or in a quandary, just stop for 2 minutes, listen to your heart and act accordingly. You are a fountainhead of inspiration for yourself and for others around. Dream big and keep that backbone straight. Once you have come to that state, sit back and enjoy life because you no longer need external factors to motivate yourself; you are inspired from within!

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