SUPER NANI- movie review!

Yesterday, I did something that I would never dream of doing. While coming home from Ahmedabad, I tried, for once, to see the movie that they played in the Volvo bus. I just cannot bear those loud movies of the bus travels because they are either the recent ones that I would have seen at least twice (one in the theatre and the other time, in the bus journey itself!) or they are those stupid ones without an iota of a story, it feels like someone banging on head, you just cannot escape the noise even with earphones, it keeps coming to your ears. (I had almost got down from the bus once when they started playing ‘Chennai Express’ again, it was my fifth time arrghhhhh!!). So yes, yesterday was a miracle because I have this history with bus-travel-movies. My 6th semester exams had just got over and I had pledged myself not to touch any book at least for a day, so reading a novel was sadly out of option. And hence, having nothing else to do, my roommate and I saw this super-hilarious, super-fun movie “SUPER NANI”!

(Note: I hope that the sarcasm in each and every line that follows is clear enough!)

super nani

The movie basically shows the lady of the house ‘Bharti’, the gorgeous Rekha, being insulted and mistreated by everyone around; her husband, daughter, her son and daughter-in-law. She is this religious and uber-kind Indian lady, her only places of the house being the kitchen and the temple. Her husband, who is awarded the ‘CEO of the year’, announces at the award function that his wife’s only contribution in life is maintaining the kitchen and giving birth to their children. Their son, a flop at the share market, shouts at her for offering him ‘makkhan ke paranthe’. The daughter-in-law, an aspiring actress, taunts Bharti all the time for interfering in their lives. The daughter insults her when Bharti asks her to get married and informs her about her boyfriend, a divorcee with two kids. These severe insults go on and all what Bharti does in reaction is to act meek. So basically, the house is an extreme case, an epitome of exaggeration and that is what makes it so funny.

And then arrives ‘Mann’, the always-entertaining Sharman Joshi, Bharti’s grandson from U.S., to shoot a documentary on India. His acting and the tuuti-phuti Hindi with an American accent makes the movie even more amusing. “Nani me tumko aise nai dekh sakti”, he says. And then he turns the tables on the family. Along with Ria (the heroine), he makes plans to make Nani happy. They decide have a shoot of Bharti in her own style and thus prove to the family how beautiful and photogenic she is. Rakhi is seen in her classic forms, dancing to the song of ‘Piya to se naina’ while Mann clicks her pictures. But even the beautiful photos of her caused the entire family to erupt with insults for Bharti.

And then, encouraged by Mann and ‘Bambu’ (Anupam Kher), the advertisement director and Bharti’s childhood friend, Bharti joins modeling by going against her family because she felt (finally!) that she was being treated without respect since the last 40 years. And over night, she gets a makeover, doing advertisements and modeling while the family is in a mess without her. While the meek part of Bharti is a hyperbole, the bold part is even more of the extreme kind. In a really funny way. While she gets all modern, she teaches each one of her family members a lesson. With short little acts, the 40 years of insulting vanishes in just moments. And there they are, a happy little family with a really ‘SuperNani’ (How sweeet!)

Some of the dialogues were too funny, not in the witty-kind-of funny but in a comical-kind-of funny. The best one was when Sharman Joshi gives the actress a rose and she says “Yeh kiske liye?”, and he replies, “Yeh ghar jaake gulkand banane ke liye.” Seriously?? 😛 And then when Rekha was in her shooting attire and her husband arrives, she kept saying “Jahanpana…adaab!”,when Sharman Joshi pulls her away, saying ”Jahanpana Jahanpana mat kar Nani, abhi Jahanpana jaapat maar denge”! Haha..!

We both were the only ones laughing loudly in the bus. Super Nani was totally entertaining. Yes it did come in the second category of the movies that I mentioned above (the one with the banging..), but if the mood is set and when home calls, maybe the travel-movies become not-so-bad for once!


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