From the diary, 29th April: 21st Birthday

I had the most wonderful birthday ever! Birthdays have always made me nervous because to be the centre of attraction for an entire day is too embarrassing. And so, until yesterday I wished hard that the day would get skipped. Like in Interstellar. Nervous for the fear of unknown, because I knew surprises were being planned but could not guess even a modicum of the plans. Today when my birthday is over, I declare that I am the luckiest person with perfect people.

We see some or the other post everyday on Facebook, all of them filled with numerous thank you s and kisses, thanking their friends and family for the wonderful day they gifted to the person. I guiltily say that I have always laughed on such lengthy public display of emotions, thinking why announce to the entire world how their day went. But I cannot blame them. Sometimes you just feel like flaunting.There are some days when you understand why you need your friends, why you need your family and what would happen if they wouldn’t be in your life. I have my Fiber Optics Communication viva tomorrow and I obviously haven’t read anything. But here I am, writing this blog, because I just could not help it. I am surrounded by the most beautiful people of the world. This post is a simple gesture of thank you to all those who made my day so special.

My ‘mini birthday bash’ began at 11:30 pm on 28th. My dearest roommate made ‘butter beer’ for me (for those who aren’t into the world of Harry Potter, do not worry, it is just the name of an innocent drink :P) and when I held it in my hand, I would have sworn that even Harry Potter would have been jealous of me right then! I even got my Hogwarts letter, the most coveted one for all HP fans! My little sister had made a beautiful card for me which left me missing my family so bad for not being there with me. The calls began at 12:00 and the phone couldn’t stop ringing. The next two hours went in a whirl, saying ‘thank you’ to everyone and replying to the Whatsapp greetings. I wondered, how could so many people remember my birthday and also took time to wish me? I felt so special and loved. The poems (3 most amazing ones!), Whatsapp DPs and statuses and so many greetings left me happily exhausted with emotions and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was lost in happy dreams.

The ‘birthday’ day was amazing! I wish I could relive each moment again. It was a day full of calls, messages and surprises, couriers (Thank you Bhai 🙂 ) and gifts. And party!! I seriously have the most amazing bunch of friends who can do anything to make me happy. We ate a lot and clicked so many pictures. Who could tell we have exams starting from tomorrow? Even in the party, they had Harry Potter surprises for me. (Now I do not need to prove how crazy an HP fan I am 😉 ) I had to guess HP characters in my friends and give them pretty snitch tags to pin on their clothes. I got beautiful gifts, all what I just wanted. Right now, I am totally overwhelmed with emotions. A big thank you to all those who made my day perfect. If I flunk my viva tomorrow, it is because of you all because you just define happiness to me :). It was a random and disorganized blog, but I had to write it. Happy day it was! 🙂

Note to myself: Never forget to wish anyone on their birthdays. Because I know how special it feels.


2 thoughts on “From the diary, 29th April: 21st Birthday

  1. Belated Happy Birthday !!
    It’s exactly these small things that defines happiness for us. And everyone is special in their own way.
    On a sarcastic note, even an idle person is breathing out CO2 which helps plants to survive. :p
    Btw Organized is too overrated! 😉

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