End of another year…


I am in a gloomy mood right now. Most of the people of my age would be out there in glamorous party dresses, celebrating the end of the year 2014, while I am sitting here with my laptop in the dusty room of my under-renovation house, vacillating on the thought whether this year was worth celebrating or not. To come up on an answer to this question, I propped open my diary and began going through the entries. Some of the days brought back memories of happy days and fun times while some competed to top the chart titled “Days of 2014 I would never want to remember again”. But in the end, does it really matter whether this ratio of good versus worst turns out to be low or high? A year becomes memorable only when it gets spiced up by all kinds of experiences; 2014 was one big epitome of this thought.

2014 will be memorable in copious number of ways. I wrote my first short story this year, started writing blogs and taking creative writing more seriously. It was in this year that I realized what dream I behold, to write more and more. My first trip abroad will be one of the happiest parts of this year too. 4th and 5th semester at college were fun too. After all, it is engineering! I wouldn’t say that the year passed away quickly, I remember each day of it distinctly; but I think that I feel emotionally stronger, closer to the real world and more matured as the end is just hours away.

The countdown to another year is on. 2015 will be an exciting year, considering that it will be my last year at college (which seems unbelievable). Another year to live on, a fresh start, a new chapter of life to be written. I don’t think I have made any serious New Year resolution. I just have decided to live each day of the coming year thoroughly, enjoy all the little happiness and try to be stronger, look beautiful and stay happy. Thank you everyone who were a part of my year.

So what if I am not dancing off in some party right now? I am celebrating on my own to see more of what I want to, not what I lived through. Cheers 2015 🙂


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