Happy Birthday Ps :)

This is a tale of two best friends who call themselves PS and PM. There is a special thing about being the oldest friends since school days. One of my best passages from a novel goes like, “The beauty of your oldest and closest friend is that, in a crisis, she has no compulsion to do anything other than come to your rescue. She puts her life on hold as she steps into your shoes to fight a corner for you. Because she can feel the pain, so she can take just a little bit of it away. She won’t mince her words or indulge you; she will talk to you straight and tell you how it is. But she will also intersperse her constructive help to there-there you like a mother. And she will carefully lay the foundations of her advice on a soft bed of much-needed sympathy.” They had the same hum of an air between them. The kind of friendship which did not need to be put in words, every conversation was tacit.

How they decided to name each other like this is a long story. A story, when heard by anyone else, would make them think that these two girls are weirdos. 14 years is a long time, but midst the best of friends, it is just a number. A journey full of fun and uncontrollable giggles, of studying together and competing in a healthy way, of long school tours and hectic tuition, of teasing and crying. PS and PM used to be names taken together in school always and even the teachers wondered how two girls who were competing for the top rank in every exam would have such a close friendship. They even had almost the same hobbies and there would be a challenge between them as to who worshiped Harry Potter more. Those elaborate ranks and justifications they used to give to actors and songs in a quantum physics class, scribbling in textbooks during boring Math classes and then dissolving into fits of laughter, studying together in school and then angrily surrendering while crying out the best dialogue, “aapdi saathe ramat rame chhe..” 😉 and then after all this, still maintaining the positions in class; all those memories were epic. As an apocryphal story goes, if you are friends with someone for more than 5 years, you get to stay friends always. And I guess I believe in it. Even today, studying in different colleges, they have little time to spare but they have the same story of friendship.

This isn’t an innocent confession by a junior K.G. kid for her best friend or it isn’t some kind of boasting. It is just a happy realization. I am happy that I am one of these two lucky women. Stay happy always 🙂

P.S. happy birthday Ps !!

From Pm.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ps :)

  1. Liked the way how you two developed a sense of friendship even after so much of cutthroat competition and changing college dimensions.

    I would really like to know about that PM and PS thing though. 😛

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