What actually happens in an Engineering Class !! ;)

You stand there on the little stage in front, towering our large 70 people class and think, “Aah!! What a sincere interactive class this is!!” but when you sit “among” those 70 to-be-engineers, you deduce that the first outer impression may be the wrong one!! Feel the thrill once and then you realize, what actually happens in an engineering class!!

Feeling frustrated with life? Feeling low and tired? Anything you want to confess? Problems in relationship? Fights with mom? Any random thought you want to share ?  Somebody’s fb  comment? Someone’s whatsapp  status?  A new couple in campus?  A latest campus break-up?  Your newly discovered fantasy…all these are the most important discussions of my class. You call it a confession room , but with priests who know you far more than you confess, you call it a romantic coffee house where relationships brew over books rather than over coffee….you call it a favourite hang-out place, where you gossip and laugh extensively over the most inane topics….you call it a fun gamezone, where the lords of the last benchers pay no heed to the espionage and cunning cameras flickering over their heads, those interesting and violent games in their huge and swanky smartphones turn our classrooms into a battle ground…you call it a criminal courtroom where punishments are given every 5 min…you call it an illegal resting room where you can sleep bindass on the table…well this is MY classroom, not defined simply as the room where classes are taken, but defined as a room where the best of friendships are born, where our career and our future is shaped, a room which fills our life with the much touted mirth and unbridled oomph, a room where unforgettable and deeply carved memories are made.

With a pathetic time in the wee hours in the morning, you should see our class in the first 2 lectures. Those coming by bus have no way but to be yanked out of bed at 7:00 in the morning and sent to college , others who come on their own make it a point to reach late everyday and listening to their excuses, I can sure publish a book “101 excuses to come late to class” by now! I see those red-shot bleary eyes of everyone around me, heads lolling down and finally letting it away on the table, until the professor asks them to go and wash their eyes, I laugh to myself, some people need no conducive environment to make themselves comfortable, that monotonous droning voice can itself prove as a giveaway.

And the best part is when you sit together with your entire group, you enjoy each sec of every class, pretending to study but ultimately dissolving into fits of laughter as comments are passed each second. Some are typical ‘tom and jerry’s, fighting and teasing, but cannot sit without the other, Some are budding lovers, last benches are the gardens,Warning warning, no looking back or else you may repent: P!! And for those G-clubs, gossiping never exhausts, each diminutive hot news gets disseminated in minutes, but being a part of such a gossiping group myself, I ll have to admit, classes have never been so interesting , we ll always be those incorrigible gossipers!!

But yes, our class can also turn into an ideal one if a lecture is interesting or if the exams are round the corner. Giving out quick replies, interacting and turning into those “sincere bacche”, we sure know how to impress teachers! But when the professor is not the one who can control the class, we turn into our original naughty mood and make the professor remember the day for weeks. You can hear the latest songs being sung , loud conversations from one end to the other, hilarious jokes being passed, gaalis being shouted, thwarting those stubborn eggheads from studying or asking doubts and when the professor resorts to finally punishing those notorious hedonist who always seem to be unabashed by any amount of scolding, they move out of the class as if they have achieved a lot, as the class breaks into a salvo!

Sometimes I wonder, how is all this so imperceptible to the professors, as an entire different world takes over the class. Copying assignments secretly, laughing and chatting without getting noticed, eating when hopelessly hungry, pulling out a novel when bored, filling proxies in attendance, I ve learnt all this from my class. But my class ignites my day, makes college worth going, they make me feel alive. With a dramatic and exciting class as mine, who would want to call any day a duvet day?

I have made dearest friends here, I have made some impeccably perfect memories here, never felt happier and luckier! So yeah, if you are in a misconception that when a class LOOKS sincere, it has to BE sincere, well then you are horribly wrong, because then you do not know what actually happens in an engineering class :D!!



5 thoughts on “What actually happens in an Engineering Class !! ;)

  1. Haha! Its ur best blog I’d say! 😀
    Too much experience draped around a nutshell of dis blog! 😉 😀

  2. I was reminiscing my engineering days, especially the classes. The rooms which had 2 out of 70 or 100 people and the others, usually sleeping in rooms or working on some project that might change their lives… Fun days it was.

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