From The Diary…30th July…

blogThe best thing about having rained all night is that the city puts on an entire new cover. As if everything has been washed till it becomes squeaky clean and every leaf has been re-colored by soft, green pastels overnight. And in a city like Ahmedabad where every small happening becomes a reason for enjoyment, such a generous gesture of the monsoon turns on the tap of excitement and happiness for the ‘Amdavadis’. It was raining heavily when I got up and for once I did not need a splash of water on my eyes to shake off the sleepiness; the beautiful curtain of drizzling rain that I could view from my balcony and the cold drops wetting my face lightly made me start the beautiful day with a serene smile! And in such an atmosphere, when you have a mug of hot coffee in one hand, a favorite pen in the other and the diary turned to the date, words just come spilling out.

Even if the entire city gets flooded, even if a volcano erupts gulping down Ahmedabad, even if the entire city comes to a standstill, Nirma University never stays closed. In spite of a curfew that prevails over the city on account of such heavy rains and blocked roads, you would definitely see bright yellow Nirma buses tenaciously going ahead towards its destination. If you think that came out of frustration, it did not. Well not entirely. Because college for me is that place where we spend most of the time of the day. We study, we complain, we laugh, we tease, we eat, we bicker, but at the end, a day without college leaves all of us wondering how life is possible without the 8-hours daily dose of the bitter-sweet medicine.

So there we were, waddling through the waters to reach the bus stop. The college groups on Whatsapp pinged incessantly, discussing whether to go to college or to crash down on the bed again and forget about the cursed attendance. It had rained 12 inches throughout the night and the city had gone wild with excitement and happiness. The showers continued unabatedly and even the umbrellas turned out to be cheaters, folding in and allowing the full-fledged rain to spray us and declaring that it is the time to break all limits and be unfettered. The bus arrived very late and I quickly boarded it and chose my favorite window seat.

‘Manmarziyaan’ filling your ears and the cold winds mixed with rain drops blowing at your face, what could be a more heavenly feeling than that? The city was in a chaos. Rains make the traffic go haywire. Traffic jams reached out to the entire lengths of some roads. Pools filled in the slopy areas and the slum children bathed in it, full of frolic and innocent ecstasy, which may leave even the most privileged person envious. Giggling girls and rowdy boys looted the fun of the rains to the most and families were out on the roads, bathing like it was a shower of the amrut jal that could not be missed at any chance. Tea stalls seemed to be the most popular places and people flocked even in heavy rains to enjoy hot tea and daalwadas at the small stalls. The entire way from the bus stop to our college was so beautiful, as it always is, with so much to observe and to learn, with so much to absorb and be happy about.

As we entered the college gates, the knee-length waters and the fresh trees, the cold atmosphere and the crying birds welcomed us once again to the heavenly abode. It irrefutably is heavenly. The greenery, the trees, the smell, the feeling is incomparable. And thus started a new day. Another usual day with lots to study and lots to learn. But with a constant feeling of joy and gaiety at the back of the mind. Because it was an event to be happy about. It was the monsoon time. A time when no one could stay sad or in pain. I went on gazing at the beautiful gift of god, the serene and pristine rains from the window of my class the entire time. In such a romantic and distracting view out there, who would concentrate on microprocessors and digital systems? Truly, there are certain things that mysteriously rejuvenates and refurbishes all the complex knots of life.


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