Psychology fervently defines happiness as the state of pleasure, mental and physical health, satisfaction and felicity. But how do we laymen explain what happiness is? Do we need a formal definition of happiness? We just know it when we feel it. But where do we find happiness? Does it only lie in buying a Mercedes car or in winning a lottery? Can you become happy only when you get the top rank or a much-heralded job? Happiness isn’t only prevalent in big things that happen to us. Those are our family, work, career and goal – big dreamy achievements which are rhyme and reason of our life. But what actually make us heartily happy are the small things around us. In this fast-changing life with burgeoning professionalism and problems, don’t you think we no more find happiness in the little things that are present around us?

We go to hill stations to enjoy sunrise and sunsets and exclaim at the beauty. Have we ever stood in our balcony for 2 minutes after waking up and admired the sun peeking up slowly from behind the tall buildings and thus begun our daily routine with a smile? We go to famous bird sanctuaries and get amazed on seeing varieties of birds, but have we ever paid attention to those beautiful tiny sparrows chirping on the walls of our own house? Happiness does not come to you; you ought to create it. Feel happy when you smell the first rain, close your eyes and let it spread inside you. Smile when the radio plays your favorite song and sing your heart out. Feel lucky that you have a house to live and such a beautiful life to live, smile because you are luckier than a million other people living on earth. Happiness is in waking up before the alarm and realizing that you still have hours to sleep. It is in finding money unexpectedly in your jeans pocket and feeling like you have suddenly become so rich. It is in knowing all the words to a song and singing it proudly. It is in sitting alone in a garden and feeling one with the nature. It lies in getting awed seeing an amazing rainbow with the drops of rain trickling down. It even lies in that 100 % charge on our phone and in a refilled balance (on papa’s money of course!). Happiness is when the home delivery boy finally arrives, it is in an unprepared test getting cancelled, in tiffin shared and it is in offering your shoulder to a sad person and listening to his sorrows.

 Feeling happy in little things makes you enjoy life and makes each detail of it memorable. Once we start finding happiness in everything around us, we do not need a bigger reason to be happy right? Our existence on this earth itself is a big enough reason to be happy, so why chose to be sad? When we now have our life filled with luxury and comfort, we anticipate bigger things happening to us and sit in a blue funk when something does not go our way. There is immense happiness filled in each and every thing around us. All we need to do is to find it, see it and feel it. We all have seen smiled and nodded at those cute “Happiness Is…” images on facebook and whatsapp, haven’t we? That is because they depict the little things that make us happy. Next time you receive such images, forward or share them with the message, happiness is in small things. I am sure you all have loved that “haan me crazy huun!” coca cola add. They believe that happiness simple means anything that can bring a smile to someone’s face. With their tag line “Open Happiness”, how beautiful a thought is that!

Robert Brault has rightly said, “Enjoy little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things.”

 Live life in present and live it in details. Laconically saying,Happiness is a decision. It is in your hands how much happy you want your life to be. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Smile, for it costs nothing. Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make them happen. Look for happiness everywhere around you because if you believe it, the world is beautiful, if you do not, it is just a place to live in. Live life unfettered and see how happiness finds its way to your door step in perpetuity!



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