Although I have now changed into fresh, dry clothes, my mind is still wet and drenched. Drenched in the dripping beads of happiness and swept away in fresh cool winds.  Drenched in the serenity and a pristine calmness. Drenched in the realization that nature, irrefutably, has super-powers. Metaphors apart, it is drenched in the joyful experience of the FIRST RAINS!fr2

It was a stuffy, usual afternoon today and Rajkot, humorously infamous for its indolent citizens who prefer an afternoon siesta more than their earnings, was nestled comfortably in rooms. I, unable to sleep, was watching ‘Game Of Thrones’ with rapt attention when suddenly it went dark, as if the God above had switched off the power supply radiating the universe.  I just ignored the dark clouds and the loud rumblings as it is not for the first time that God teases us with such an expectant show and then vanishes it all as if it was just a trailer. But when I could hear the tapping on the roof, I ran to the gallery. Were we finally going to get drenched in the long awaited first rains? Was it finally the end of the cries of the sun-parched trees and greens, fruits and flowers? Was it really the end to the sufferings of the poor animals and the impecunious living on the streets begging for a little relief from the fierce scorch? An aunt of mine had decided to fast for a few days if it did not rain in a few days. Would this ultimatum of her and a million others be listened by the super-power above?

And yes, God might have waved his wand, cast some Harry Potter spell and it started raining. Beautifully! Papa, mom and I went to the terrace to get drenched. Who would anyway miss this chance of drenching in the first rains of the season? And what a sight it was! There is a thing about being passionate about writing. In times like such, mind takes in the gorgeous sight and starts forming words and lines. And they come from heart. Not from the essay ‘Rainy season’ that we all used to rote and dump in the exam papers at school. So here they are.

The slow and endless drizzle felt so cold and invigorating. As if it was cleansing the soul. The first rains give a feeling, a chill that is indescribable! Heart starts singing and mind gets leaping happily. You feel like dancing around. And this feeling is palpable. Kids and elders, all and sundry, forget their problems, fights, sorrows and get soaked unfettered.  It seems as if God opens the tap to happiness and smiles along with this pour and sucks all the worries, all the tensions! Cool winds make you tremble, they make you close your eyes and smile. The smell of the wet mud wafts everywhere as if it wants to welcome each one to enjoy the rains. The grass gets damp and dewy as if it wants us to trample it, dance on it and feel the rain. The dried leaves erect up and get green and bright as if the beads of rains have refurbished them thoroughly. Animals rejoice and birds screech out.

The first rains make you feel romantic. It plays cupid and when you close your eyes, I swear you would almost hear the song ‘Naheen saamne …Yeh alag baat hai….’! You feel like you can stand under the drenching, cool rain forever. Children run along the roads, waiting for a car to pass and spray water over them from the mud puddles. Men take a sigh of relief as the expensive water tanks and the A.C. bills would now be subtracted from the budget. Women start filling as many buckets and as many vessels they can with the fresh rain water. Could they let free water go waste? Along with the smell of the wet mud, there mixes another delicious odour. Of hot bhajiyas and spicy daalwadas, strong elaichi teas and coffees, emanating from every home. And that meal would appear a thousand-fold more delicious than any other day.

It is said, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rains!” It is the season to enjoy, to be happy and to enjoy this precious gift from God. Bury all your problems, forget all your tensions and open up to this magical drizzle soaking us with happiness. Happy monsoons! 🙂


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