It did not strike me when I attended my school farewell party. It still did not strike when it was the last day of school and I bid adieu my dearest friends. Not even when my college was chosen and packing lists were made. And it did not strike even when I left the city to go and study in a dream college in another city, leaving all the older times behind. But it then struck when I entered the college gates and got almost lost in the big crowd, it deeply struck when there were expectations and disappointments and when I realized friendships here for specific reasons, it struck on knowing that you change yourself to survive in the throngs and competition, yes it struck to me finally with a heavy heart that those memorable, innocent, beautiful and golden school days are now over forever.

Who wouldn’t have loved their school days? Every detail I recollect had so much happiness and reality in it. On the very first day, at the age of 3, we had stepped into this beautiful heaven of a school, small hands holding on to daddy’s fingers, with water bottles around the neck and handkerchiefs pinned to the pinafore, on the verge of tears just because other kids around us were bawling. And today after 14 years of that precious school life, I get teary again going back to the memory lane and all of us feel the same. It is the summer vacations and I get nostalgic. How important were these holidays to us. As if we had earned it. As school reopening got near, shopping for the new books was such an important event for us, like buying gold. And then the busy days would start. A fixed, disciplined routine of studies, games and homework, but still each school day is discreetly carved out in mind.

There are quite a lot of things which are missed even though life is much more independent and fun now. A day seems incomplete now without those morning assemblies. The group prayers used to have a wonderful effect on mind. And who wouldn’t remember those strict discipline rules? “Nails not cut? Not acceptable. Hair not oiled? Very undisciplined. Shoes should be shined to perfection. Uniform should be impeccably ironed. “And it could go on. But now I realize how those strict rules have taught me discipline in my daily routine and that has made all the difference. College has no rules like such, but amidst a free environment, there exists a tinge of show-off and non uniformity which makes a heart pain for those old days. There was no jealousy, only innocent friendships. There were no mass bunks but there was unity. There were no ATM cards or phones, but there was contentedness. There were no choices, but there was immense care. There was so much homework to do and so many tests to be given, but there was no burden. There were no fears of placements or making a career, but there was sincerity. After so many lectures, sports, practices, stay backs, homework, projects and studies, when at the end of the day we closed our eyes to sleep, there was a satisfied smile and a happy heart and we crave for it now, don’t we?

My school has given me a personality that I can make it of my own for life. It has given me values that aren’t found in books. It has taught me altruism, friendship and sharing. My school has taught me to communicate fluently and earn honestly. It has made me disciplined and self dependent. I am sure all of us respect our school for what it has given to us and would want to pay it back. Let us all be good humans and justify what it has taught to us. School days are gone and all we can do now is to remember those happy times and treasure them forever. Whatever phase of life we get through, school days will truly be the most golden days of life.


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